Tackling the Alice Challenge: 3 Goofs Players Make in MLBB

Tackling the Alice Challenge: 3 Goofs Players Make in MLBB

Alice is one of the best Mage heroes in the world of Mobile Legends Season 31. People are afraid of her skills based on her Ban Rate. Still, some players mess up when they face Alice on the battlefield and lose because of it. Now, let’s look at three mistakes that Mobile Legends players often make when going up against Alice.

Take a quick look at Alice’s ban rate

First, let’s talk about why Alice’s Ban Rate is important. Players are wary of her because she is one of the three most banned heroes. The catch is that Alice’s Ban Rate goes down as her rank goes down, like from Legend to below. In other words, she may skip over the Draft Pick stage more often than you think.

With Alice’s Power Play, things go wrong early on

Alice is now very strong even in the early game thanks to a recent change. She no longer needs to get Orbs to reach her full strength. Her second skill is very strong, and her ultimate keeps doing damage in team fights.

Now, let’s look at three mistakes that Mobile Legends players often make when they face Alice:

  1. Underestimating Alice’s Early-Game Punch

One big goof players often make is thinking Alice isn’t a big deal in the early game. After the update, she can go all out from the start without collecting Orbs. If you overlook this, you might find yourself overwhelmed by Alice’s early-game dominance. To avoid this, be smart in managing and reducing Alice’s damage, especially in the early stages of the match.

  1. Forgetting Crowd Control Against Alice

Alice isn’t just about dealing damage; she’s also great at causing chaos in team battles. A common mistake is forgetting to control Alice with crowd control. If you let her unleash her skills without interruptions, it’s bad news. Using stuns and silences can mess up Alice’s plans, giving your team a better SLOTJARWO chance in the fight.

  1. Misreading Alice’s Weaknesses

Another common goof is misjudging Alice’s weaknesses. Yes, she’s strong, but she’s not invincible. Some players make the mistake of going head-to-head with her without considering her weak points. Knowing that Alice relies on positioning and specific combos can help you find opportunities to strike back. Watch her moves, predict her skills, and hit her when she’s vulnerable.

Conclusion: Conquering the Alice Challenge

In the ever-changing world of Mobile Legends, facing a powerhouse like Alice needs smarts and precision. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can boost your chances of defeating her. Remember, don’t underestimate her early-game power, control her with crowd tricks, and be smart about finding her weak spots. Stay alert, adjust your strategies, and take on the Alice challenge with confidence in Mobile Legends!